Premades for Preclaim!

Below are Premades and Designs that are available for Pre-claim (Purchase)
Please read through the Terms Of Service from MakeAFur before attempting to purchase a Premade below!

Vampire themed Tiger


This vampire themed Tiger is ready to hunt around!
His lovely design is definitely an Eye catcher for darker days✨

  • Head Only: min. 4500 CHF

  • Partial: min. 5800 CHF

  • Fullsuit: min. 9.000 CHF

  • Ducktape dummy required

Mushroom Hunter

Mushroom Hunter


Deep down in the Forrest waits a beast ready to hunt!

  • Head only: min. 3000 CHF

  • Partial: min. 4000 CHF

  • Fullsuit: min. 9500 CHF

  • Ducktape dummy required

Cacti Big Cat


Tundras hidden secret!
Alice waits to hug you like a cacti! 🌵

  • Head: 3000 CHF

  • Partial: 4000 CHF

  • Fullsuit: min. 8500 CHF

  • Ducktape dummy required

Pulse (sale only through email request)

  • Head: 3000 CHF

  • Partial: 4500 CHF

  • Fullsuit Digigrade: 6800 CHF

Character designs by Slumberyote and WildFoxWorks